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Waggoner Manufacturing, Inc. began as a garage-based support business for Eaton Corporation’s newly established Austin facility. Pat Waggoner, a pioneer in the Austin semiconductor industry, began the business in 1979 to provide an efficient source for repairs and service for Eaton’s growing customer base. At the time his only employees were his wife and his son. Becoming an expert at servicing components such as Accelerator Columns, Source Insulators, Ion Power Supplies, and other ion implanter components, the business quickly outgrew his garage.

Resigning from his “day job” at Eaton, Pat moved the young company to its own facility and renamed it L.G. Electronics. At that time, Pat purchased several manual machines and a single Mazak CNC mill. L.G. Electronics incorporated in 2000 and was renamed Waggoner Manufacturing to honor its founder and leader.

And the rest is history.

Today Waggoner Manufacturing, Inc. employees 25 highly skilled machinists, technicians, and office personnel. And even though Eaton (now called Axcelis) has long since left Austin for Massachusetts we are still the company's primary source for service work on Accelerator Columns and Source Insulators. But we’ve since shifted our focus from service to machining and have succeeded in becoming a true modern machine shop over the years. We have become experts on designing and manufacturing small to medium sized stainless steel, aluminum, and machined plastic parts and components.

And of course we are still family owned.



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