Fabrication shop for all your CNC machining needs.

Get the integrity and professionalism that built Waggoner over 40 years ago. Top quality parts and fabrication shop services.

Fabrication shop for all your CNC machining needs.

Best fabrication shop in Austin, Texas.

Waggoner Manufacturing houses top machinists with manufacturing industry knowledge and expertise going back three generations. Staying up-to-date on the machining industry’s technology and advancements, we deliver the best CNC fabrication services the industry offers. We stand out over our competitors in integrity and our desire to help our clients solve their problems.

Utilizing the latest equipment and technology, we perform CNC machining services. CNC machining is a computer numerical control machine for high precision accuracy up to .0002 of an inch. For comparison, the thickness of a human thumbnail is approximately .0189 of an inch. Working under these tight tolerances means very little room for errors. We perform quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you get the perfect fabricated part, that fits your most complex design specifications and precise measurements.

Advantages of working with a custom CNC fabrication shop.

Waggoner Manufacturing concentrates on small batch runs. As a CNC machine shop, we produce anywhere from one to thousands of parts per project. Your custom parts are sure to get the level of detail needed and are made as detailed or simplistic as required for the project specifications. CNC fabrication shops shape various materials using a subtractive manufacturing process. Subtractive methods include cutting, grinding, shaving, and shaping from a solid block of material to shape it into the desired design specifications.

A prototype is a functioning, but often not the final, version of a product. Businesses often use prototypes to test, solicit feedback, or present to investors. The benefit of manufacturing prototypes is they allow you to test, and make necessary adjustments before sending it to production. Prototype models give you the ability to change design theory, try sizes, test materials, feel different textures, and even see color choices. It’s time to take your dreams to reality.

Precision manufacturing refers to the extremely tight tolerances and finite variant allowances in a production run. Likewise, fabrication services shape the most detailed designs and smallest pieces. Precision machining is redefining the capabilities of metal fabrication. Precision machines such as mills, lathes, multi-axis machines, and Swiss-style machines play essential roles. Highly sophisticated machines perform multiple simultaneous operations. This type of manufacturing requires highly skilled professionals to understand the process and produce extremely accurate parts.

Milling, in its simplest sense, is cutting and shaping metal using a rotating tool, whereas turning rotates the object. Both are subtractive methods of cutting away materials from a solid piece. Turning and milling services deliver significant value along with versatility and dependable repeatability. The addition of computer numerical control (CNC) machining technology further increases design options. Manufacturing capabilities are evolving, and CNC fabricated parts benefit from infinite design possibilities.

Solving your parts problem.

Are you having trouble with a part you’ve had manufacturers try to correct in the past? Some common parts problems are excessive wear, brittle breakage, and corrosion or rust. Waggoner Manufacturing happily works with you to solve the issues you experience. Our knowledgeable staff comes up with intelligent and innovative solutions to solve many of the metal parts issues you have previously experienced. Let us help find the correct resolution to make your part everything it should be. Talk to our experts today.

Industries We Service:

*We are equipped and knowledgeable to handle most any industry. If you’re not on our list, you may still get a quote.

Manufacturing Materials:

*We work with almost any material on the market.
These are our most common materials.

We’ve serviced some of today’s biggest industries, including NASA, Canon, and Axcelis.

Our most common industries include aerospace, energy, maritime, government, military & defense, and semiconductors.

Common Plastics = Acetal/Delrin, Nylon, ABS, PVC, Teflon, UHMW, Peek, Acrylic, Phenolic, Ultem, Vespel, Polycarbonate (PC), and Polypropylene (PP)

Common Metals = Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Metal Alloys, Titanium, Boron, Stainless Steel, and Exotic Metals.

The Foundation of Manufacturing

With Waggoner Manufacturing, you get three generations of accumulated skill and knowledge passed down from generation to generation for superior craftsmanship, which is the foundation of today’s fabrication processes. The honesty and integrity of our name show in every project we complete. We work to maintain a partnership with each of our clients. When our past clients recommend us to their associates and network of business partners, we’re never more proud of our employees. We thank each and every one of our clients who put their trust in us to do the job right.

Custom fabrication advantages include being adaptable to your changing needs.

We can prototype a few different designs for performance tests if you’re designing a new part. Custom fabrication also can take your complex design and perfectly recreate it in 3D real space and size for as many pieces as needed. Want to test out different materials? Waggoner MFG can make suggestions based on your industry and test materials too. Working with Waggoner Manufacturing means that each project gets precisely what they need to do the job correctly.

1,000’s Of Machining Possibilities

Our capabilities allow for intricate designs and multiple functions simultaneously. The 5-axis machining equipment performs numerous tasks simultaneously, significantly speeding the fabrication processes. Fabrication includes milling, turning, cutting, threading, drilling, grinding, finishing, and more. No matter what your part needs, Waggoner Manufacturing gets it done right. Backed by decades of experience, we complete your part with the diligence and care your project deserves.

Why choose precision machining?

Precision machining has the highest repeatability without error in product specifications and measurement accuracy. CNC machining ensures identical features in the design throughout multiple replications. Computers operate noticeably more accurately and faster than ever the most talented humans. Computers hold precise accuracy in each piece’s cut and shape. CNC precision also eliminates the possibility of human error, when operated by knowledgeable staff.

Less Labor = Lower Costs.

Another reason the industry has moved to computer numerical control machines is reduced labor. For the customer, reduced labor means lower cost. One worker overseeing CNC operations does the equivalent of multiple manual fabricators. A single CNC machinist can handle the jobs of lathes, grinders, drill presses, routers, milling machines, cutting, and more. Reducing all these operations into one device greatly reduces person-hours and lowers the cost. When you top that off with higher quality and precision for an altogether better product, it’s a sure recipe for success.

Choosing CNC precision machining also goes a long way in supporting a safer workplace. Using more manual laborers with hands-on tools increases the likelihood of an employee accident. Such accidents can be severe and sometimes fatal when operating large machinery. Safer production comes from allowing machines to perform such operations to keep our employees coming home safely to their families.

Can you rely on your local machine shop?

If it’s Waggoner MFG, you can! Waggoner Manufacturing delivers under deadlines and has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. CNC precision machining works faster and more efficiently than traditional machining. With 5-axis machining, CNC turning services, CNC milling services, and CAD programming, we deliver parts to your expectations every time.

Our quality checks ensure no inferior product gets delivered. So, sit back and let the professionals at Waggoner Manufacturing do the job for you. All you need to do is give us the design. Waggoner Manufacturing builds a better world through integrity, one part at a time.

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