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Complex designs require skilled CNC machining. Our machinists are well versed in their craft. Discover the difference when working with the knowledgeable staff in CNC services. We guide you through the choices and options that best fit your design.

Being a CNC machine shop that makes your business look good.

At Waggoner Manufacturing, everything we do is about being a great machine shop. We pride ourselves on decades of knowledge that have made us recognizably one of the best machine shops in Austin, Texas. CNC machining shops help companies by providing the machining process for their manufacturing needs. If your machining shop is interested only in the bottom line, you’re not getting the best. You need reliable parts that won’t quit, because your company is accountable and possibly even culpable if your parts fail or break down.

Waggoner Manufacturing’s machining center considers your needs first.

We’ll help you find the best and most reliable materials and combine them with the correct and most efficient CNC services to build you a part you’re proud of. The integrity of our craft is the founding stone of our business. We always find the best and most efficient methods to get you the best budget possible while still delivering what you genuinely need.

Prototype Manufacturing

A prototype is an early model or replica of a product or part built to test and review prior to fabrication. Skilled fabricators build precision prototypes to the exact specifications of the CNC machined part. A working 3D replica allows a full range of testing from user feedback, market research, form, function, material dependability, compatibility, reliability, and many other aspects. Prototype testing is instrumental in working out design concepts and correcting flaws before the part moves into production.

Precision Manufacturing

A precision machining company develops the original design and converts it into a workable component. Precision manufacturing uses the latest manufacturing technology to shape the most detailed and complex designs. A professional CNC machining service has highly sophisticated machines that perform multiple simultaneous cuts. The tolerances for such pieces are exceptionally high. Precision CNC machines deliver precision CNC accuracy up to .0002 of an inch.

Turning & Milling Services

CNC turning and milling are both methods of cutting and shaping raw metals or plastics into the desired shape. Milling cuts and shapes a raw material using a rotating tool. Conversely, turning forms the material using a stationary machine tool while rotating the object. Both subtractive cutting methods remove bits of material from a solid block.

We take your vision and cut it into shape.

CNC manufacturing creates complex designs with ease. Whether you need them hallowed, bored, treaded, or any other CNC service, precision CNC machining brings complex concepts into the world daily. Waggoner Manufacturing’s CNC fabrication services help you through the CNC machining process. Get the best part, with the most longevity, closest precision accuracy, in the best timeline, at the best value for your dollar. Explore the CNC machining services that Waggoner Manufacturing has to offer. Find the CNC services that fit your design needs.

Other Manufacturing Services

Waggoner Manufacturing is a full-service CNC machining facility. We outsource many services to help your manufacturing process from start to completion. Because some parts require additional services, we work with a trusted network of subcontractors to get you a perfect finished product. Some of our outsourced services include:

  • Welding

  • Saw cutting

  • Plating

  • Passivation

  • Anodizing & Corrosion Resistance

  • Painting & Coating

  • Heat treatment

  • Surface finishing

  • Bead blasting

The value of manufacturing custom parts

Off-the-shelf parts and custom fabrication parts are not equal in quality. Custom manufacturing ensures you get the exact measurements, movement, and function in your part’s design. With custom manufacturing, your design blueprint is as detailed as needed. Your piece meets every detail with extreme accuracy. Additionally, the manufacturer tests the parts and has quality control measures to ensure they meet all specifications. You get entirely compatible parts that satisfy all design specs. With off-the-shelf, generic components, the quality is often lower to keep costs down.

You get a full range of material options in metal and plastic to best suit every need. When you custom manufacture parts, you choose the right materials based on your industry, strength needs, size, and other specifications. In custom designs, you also have the freedom to speak to your fabricator and get advice on how each material performs. Sometimes you may even decide to test a prototype in different materials to evaluate performance. Conversely, off-the-shelf parts don’t have options. You’ll get only what they offer in stock.

Generic parts often fail earlier in the part’s lifecycle for several reasons. The part’s fit may be slightly off, making wear and tear occur more easily and frequently. The component may be of an inferior material that doesn’t last as long as other materials. Off-the-shelf parts often are for general use. Thus, they may not survive the higher stress levels your product demands. Contrarily, custom parts hold up to stress and endure more wear. Customized parts often live past their expected duration. Custom parts have a better ROI with minimal repairs and a longer lifespan.

Customized parts often come with studies to meet the parts’ required standards. Knowing this data is beneficial. For example, you’ll know the expected lifespan, number of rotations before part failure, weight allowance, or heat allowance. These statistical data sheets provide vital information about the parts that allow us to consider cost value over an extended time. Unknown variables of generic pieces may cost more over time. Combined with other uncertainties, generic parts could result in a big failure. Manufactured parts provide precisely what your part’s spec calls for without exception.

Stocking generic parts affects the value your customers see in your products. Unreliable parts that cause product failure are your overall responsibility. No consumer says, “The company who sold me the product didn’t make that part, so they’re not responsible.” All they know and understand, and rightfully so, is that your product did not meet their expectations. Therefore, it’s your reputation on the line. Consider which generic parts to use and what custom manufactured parts to design for the part’s overall success. Also, remember that upgrades and modifications occur easily in an original design but not in off-the-shelf parts.

Manufacturing engineers understand the blueprint and how design affects the final product. Custom manufacturing means getting to speak to the professionals who built your component. Sometimes the professionals may even guide you through troubleshooting a part that otherwise would require replacement. Furthermore, get answers and expert guidance before it goes to fabrication. Using our knowledge base helps many clients improve the overall quality of the end product. The Waggoner Manufacturing team answers all of your CNC part questions before and after manufacturing.

For design efficiency, your engineers may combine multiple production parts into one simplified piece. Reducing numerous objects into one efficient CNC machined part lessens costs and manufacturing expenses. Are you using two or three off-the-shelf parts? Consider, could your design specs easily combine them into one piece? Creating one piece to replace multiple joined pieces is more reliable than any permanent joining technique. Also, you’ll have freedom of design upgrades. With a blueprint, you can upgrade to meet new requirements in design specs as time passes.

Two main issues with off-the-shelf parts are that you’ll never know how many you can purchase. Secondly, you’ll never know how long the stock will be available or carried by the store. Stock distribution may be low due to high demand or long distribution delays. Also, discontinuing a product for new merchandise is standard practice. Thus, the pieces you need can become unavailable at any time without notice. Manufacturing a custom CNC part puts you in control of how many parts get made and when. Having blueprints also means getting precise replicas made whenever needed without changes or complications.

Custom parts are often more durable. Durability often comes with the engineer’s understanding of the stress levels a particular part can endure and still function efficiently. Some materials withstand weight or pressure better than others. Generic parts often withstand general use but may not cover the needs outlined by your specifications. A precise fit helps the components last longer and work efficiently. Also, consider if your part is a high-functioning piece that requires periodic replacement. In that case, a custom manufactured part may last longer and save money in the long run.

You frequently get a better warranty when fabricating your custom part. Dealing directly with the custom manufacturer is often easier than a third-party manufacturer or store-purchased warranty. For instance, getting the store where you purchased parts to contact the manufacturer to replace a problematic part may be an endless runaround. Similarly, contacting the manufacturer directly and trying to prove the purchase and date of purchase to validate the manufacturer’s warranty is equally difficult. Custom fabrication has your information on file and knows the answers to warranty questions instantaneously.

Generic pieces are built for a wide range of possibilities to accommodate the most people possible with the same part. Therefore, the design may not be the ideal fit or function. Moreover, you’ll need to worry about supply changes. The initially chosen part could come in stainless steel and be aluminum months later. Suppliers have material changes or design changes that you have no control over. These changes often occur to save money or meet other conditions for general users. Changes such as these seriously impact your product’s performance.

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