CNC Turning and Milling Services

Cutting and shaping your next part into perfection. CNC turning and milling services provide precision accuracy and repeatability in manufacturing. We specialize in all industries’ short-run custom parts fabrication in metal and plastics.

Why Waggoner MFG for custom CNC milling services?

We communicate with our customers as much as needed. Suppose you’re a first-time customer and want to know what steps we are taking and what comes next. We are happy to communicate those timetables to you as often as you feel comfortable. However, if you’re a return customer, you know the fabrication process and the expected deadlines. In this case, you may be just as comfortable letting us complete the process with minimal interaction. At Waggoner Manufacturing, you feel confident in the project’s outcome and choose your level of involvement. Rest assured that we will deliver your parts with the same expert precision, quality, and timeliness either way. We want you to be satisfied and return to us like so many of our prior customers. Please also look at our prototype manufacturing and 5-axis precision manufacturing services. Waggoner is happy to complete all your parts fabrication needs.

The value behind CNC machining

Precision CNC turning and milling services are two essential manufacturing processes. Waggoner Manufacturing’s milling operation is fully equipped with the latest tools and CNC milling service equipment to mill and turn any of your production parts needs. We are highly skilled at meeting all specifications on your blueprints. Furthermore, we know many materials and methods to guide you in machining fabrication success. We are known for our integrity and superior craft. When you hire Waggoner MFG, you get CNC machined parts that exceed your expectations, exceptional customer service, better communication and work partnerships, and a fabrication specialist you’re comfortable returning to again and again.

The first benefit customers enjoy with CNC machining is custom design possibilities. Achieve custom design spec effortlessly with CNC machining. For complex design concepts and intricate shapes, Waggoner MFG repeatedly proves successful. You bring us the blueprint, and our skilled machinists with today’s leading CNC technology build almost anything you can imagine. Let your creative juices flow. Come up with your most inventive designs, and we’ll bring them to 3D reality.

CNC machining works on many different materials. Whatever you can envision, we can do it. The vast list of possible materials encompasses most metals, exotic metals, and hard plastics. Waggoner Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience working in almost all available materials. We are proficient in plastics such as Acetal/Delrin, Nylon, ABS, PVC, Teflon, UHMW, Peek, Acrylic, Phenolic, Ultem, Vespel, Polycarbonate (PC), and Polypropylene (PP), and others. In metals, we commonly manufacture both non-ferrous & ferrous metals, including Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Metal Alloys, Titanium, Boron, Stainless Steel, and Exotic Metals.

The efficiency that computer numerical controls offer the manufacturing processes saves significant time in parts fabrication. Not only do the machines cut at extremely high speeds but also with increased proficiency and accuracy. Computer-aided machining reduces manual errors that cost additional time. CNC machining can also perform multiple cutting and shaping functions simultaneously to reduce project timelines further. Finally, one machine can perform various cutting and shaping techniques. Handling numerous steps in one device eliminates time shifting pieces over, resetting new machine guidelines, and checking celebrations. Multi-axis machines perform multiple cutting actions without removing the materials. Many CNC machined parts can be completed in a single machine saving time and money.

In manufacturing, repeatability is the most critical function. Customers need absolute reliability that each machined part will function and act just as good as the piece before it. CNC machines are computer-aided to ensure repeatability throughout the process. Waggoner Manufacturing further inspects parts for quality assurance and dependability, confirming that all CNC parts are equal to the first run. Waggoner never settles for anything less than perfect. Continued repeatability combined with precision accuracy is how our reputation continues to build. Our customers rely on us to get the job done right. Parts reliability begins with a firm knowledge of the materials and machines to do the job correctly.

Turning and milling services deliver versatility in the manufacturing process.

CNC functions allow for repeatability in design and specifications that manual machining cannot produce. Computer numerical control (CNC) technology increases design options to accommodate more complex blueprints. An additional benefit of CNC technology is the efficiency and speed of production. CNC machines run more efficiently and accurately, removing human error and time spent moving parts from one cutting machine to another. Multiple tool heads allow the machine to change operations quickly and effectively while leaving the component in the same machine.

Manufacturers Specializing In Low Volume Runs

Waggoner’s milling services are capable of high-precision CNC machined parts and components for all industries, including aerospace, semiconductors, energy, maritime, government, military/defense, and more. Our 5-axis machines construct more precise and complex machined parts creating a wide variety of odd or irregular shapes.

Milling Machine

Milling is a subtractive fabrication method. Vertical and horizontal machines hold a bar or rod of raw material. The rotary milling cutter moves around the piece on multiple axes removing excess material from the workpiece. Milling machines can cut along the top surface layer or drill down into the metal. The CNC milling process removes metal by cutting and shaving metal from the surface until it meets the desired design specs. CNC Milling equipment often ranges between 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines. While milling processes range from slotting, grooves, chamfering, reaming, angular milling, boring, facing, and more. Our large variety of CNC services and devices allows us to handle both simple and complex milled parts.

Lathe Machine

Similarly, a CNC lathe rotates the workpiece at high speed, making precision cuts. The lathe removes excess material from a carefully calculated final designated shape. Lathes produce small batches of cylindrical and rounded machined parts. By meticulously reducing the diameter of the piece, the lathe reaches the exact dimensions for each project. A CNC lathe is a multi-use cutting machine used for everything from facing, parting, threading, drilling, grooving, reaming, and tapping. Specialized tool heads create almost any cutting and grooving effects.

CNC machining material comes in a wide range of various working thicknesses. The CNC lathe provides high torque, speed, and accuracy. Lathes are more conducive to cylindrical and rounded parts often seen in the automotive, aerospace, construction, and military industries.

What are turning and milling services?

Turning and milling are both cutting and shaping processes from a raw piece of material. Turning rotates the raw material shaping it with a stationary cutting device. Milling, in comparison, inverts the process by rotating the cutting tool and keeping the material stationary. Both have their form and function. Your skilled machinist knows which machining method is suitable for your manufacturing piece. Additionally, complex shapes may require both turning and milling services.

A CNC mill provides clients with effective precision machining solutions for metal and plastic parts. Options through CNC milling increase versatility and design. Computer-aided designs mean tighter tolerances and fewer changes of error. At Waggoner Manufacturing, our processes detail pieces up to a .0002 precision accuracy. Our customers see greater precision in CNC production than ever before. Additionally, advanced technology and automation allow our machines to operate effectively, keeping the cost of labor low and overall project costs down.

Turning & Milling Highlights

  • Create singular to multiple pieces identically

  • Keep highly accurate precision quality and tight tolerances

  • It is an excellent resource for complex and irregular geometric designs

  • Suitable for prototypes, new product introduction, and high precision low-volume fabrication

  • The ability for small batch production at high speed

  • Technology allows versatility in design and function

  • Works in a wide range of metal and plastic materials

  • Efficient processes reduce machine crossover, saving costs on labor and shortening timelines

  • Dependable finished products ready for use

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