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Waggoner Manufacturing, bringing CNC shop excellence to our customers since 1979. Virtue, integrity, loyalty, and superior manufacturing skills. Our forty-plus years of experience show in every CNC part we craft.

Manufacturing excellence from the ground up.

Everyone loves a good success story, and we are one of them. As a third-generation family-owned business, we had the humblest of beginnings. In the 1970’s Founder Pat Waggoner began machine shop services for Eaton Manufacturing’s newly established Austin facility out of his garage. The quality CNC machining that Pat Waggoner insisted on built his name and reputation quickly. The projects began to storm in with only his wife and two sons as employees. Precision machining services, CNC shop technology, equipment, and employees grew exponentially over time.

The ideologies behind Waggoner Manufacturing.

Brand Statement:

At Waggoner Manufacturing, we promise to provide every employee and customer with the same level of respect and time that we dedicate to the quality parts we craft. As a family-owned business, each customer and employee becomes a part of the Waggoner family and their best interests are paramount in our business decisions.

Our Mission:

To build a devoted community that operates with integrity and to focus on our employee’s well-being and success, in order to provide the highest quality service to help our business partners advance the world.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to challenge the status quo, by proving we can operate a profitable business ethically, focusing on our employee’s best interests.

Company Perspectives:

Our employees seek perfection daily. Remembering CNC machined parts positively impact the communities and families of those that use our prototypes to develop new technologies, or purchase devices containing our CNC parts. We are part of something amazing!

Building a team of highly skilled specialists.

Our current team of highly skilled specialists strives to meet the same levels of excellence that built this one-person machining shop into a CNC (computer numerical control) machining legacy. Our honesty, consistency, and standards transcend each generation. We continue enhancing with technology and new CNC milling and lathe machines. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, we deliver precision CNC manufacturing at affordable prices with the same diligence and trust our ancestors always provided.

Waggoner established our CNC shop center’s new facility in Rock, Texas, near Austin, where it all began. Three generations of accumulated knowledge and family history deliver the best-machined parts to your doorstep. Continued growth allows us to manufacture for clients across the globe or just down the street.

CNC precision parts built in the USA.

As a third-generation company, we are proud to manufacture CNC parts built in the USA. The importance of buying from American manufacturers is vital to increasing the supply and demand for domestic products. Buying parts built in the USA ensures quality control standards that our American businesses must adhere to by federal laws. Furthermore, purchasing products made in the USA is essential to maintaining American jobs.

Choosing Waggoner Manufacturing supports American manufacturers. Our Texan duty and pleasure are to provide true American craftsmanship and upstanding quality control. Thank you for supporting our U.S. laborers.

Small batch Precision CNC shop fabrication practices.

Waggoner Manufacturing is a CNC machine shop providing subtractive CNC manufacturing services to various industries. Our industries services include semiconductors, aerospace, energy, maritime, government, military & defense, and more. As an experienced CNC shop, we work with metal, plastic, and exotic CNC machining material. The Waggoner manufacturing process provides precision accuracy with a CNC machining tolerance level of 0.0002 inches.

Waggoner Manufacturing has skilled craftsmen that deliver reliable and timely manufactured precision CNC parts for small batch production. We build each piece to your exact specifications because when it comes to precision machined parts, you need the specs to match every point on point! We believe in doing everything we can to provide our customers with the lowest price and the quickest turnaround time without sacrificing an ounce of quality precision. We handle everything from a single-unit prototype to thousands of components. Don’t settle for less. Waggoner Manufacturing provides high-quality parts without inflated pricing.

We specialize in small batch production. Do you need a single unit with a precision CNC machining service? Suppose your machining project calls for a couple dozen or a few hundred components. In these cases, we produce CNC machining services that large manufacturers cannot accommodate effectively.

Our CNC machining service expertise.

Complete manufacturing solutions come with additional services such as surface finish, painting & coating, corrosion resistance, welding, some assembly, and much more.

Waggoner Manufacturing machine shop is skilled in metal and plastic material parts fabrication. Our machinist’s expertise in the manufacturing process allows us to manufacture detailed, complex parts. We house CNC milling and CNC lathe machines, with capabilities from 2-axis to 5-axis machining. Our services include prototype development and manufacturing, CNC turning & milling services, and CNC precision manufacturing. Our dedication from our machinists to putting out quality work ensures we deliver on our promises of cost-competitive, high-quality parts with on-time delivery.

Waggoner MFG has superior customer service when you need to reach someone regarding your parts. We are always available to answer your questions regarding quotes, the fabrication process, deadlines, project status, pre-assembly, and post-manufacturing concerns. Waggoner Manufacturing’s customer service is always there to help.

CNC Shop Additional Services

CNC Shop high precision machining often requires additional services for a complete finished product. At Waggoner Manufacturing, we subcontract trusted contractors who have established quality work proven to our high standards. Our company’s foundation is the customer’s satisfaction with the completed components.

Sometimes your project requires more than CNC milling, turning, and tooling. If your project demands something more, don’t worry. Our subcontractors provide numerous services such as welding, saw cutting of specialized materials, plating/passivation/anodizing, painting & coating, heat treatments, surface finishing, bead blasting, and more. With Waggoner Manufacturing, you’ll get complete CNC shop processes for a fully finished product.

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