Precision Manufacturing

Precision machining has redefined metal and plastic fabrication. Extremely tight tolerances and complex parts are changing industries daily. Precision manufacturing enhanced by CNC machines performs multiple functions simultaneously, getting your job done quickly and affordably.

Small batch CNC manufacturing runs = 1 to 500 pieces.

When you want a small batch processing of a few dozen or hundred, you need Waggoner Manufacturing. Large CNC machine shops that process in the thousands may keep you waiting in line. Yet, you also want to ensure you get the same quality the big names provide. Under these conditions is exactly where Waggoner Manufacturing truly shines. Specializing in small batch production, we live up to our reputation. Delivering exact design specifications with supreme precision and dependability on small batch runs. CNC machines perform milling, threading, cutting, drilling, grinding, boring, and more to accommodate almost any industry’s parts needs.

Waggoner Manufacturing runs small to medium batches, including single pieces to 1,000s of identical parts. Whatever quantity you need, we’ll deliver perfect precision parts. Make parts production simple – get a quote now. Have you any questions? Our team is just a phone call away.

Precision machines have evolved over the years.

Machining has been around for hundreds of years, beginning with the manual machinery and tools we know today. CNC machining added computerized operations to improve the precision of the machining process. Consistency is vital in any manufacturing process. All CNC machining uses computer numerical control (CNC) to advance accuracy levels and reduce engineering tolerances. High precision and very consistent results appraise CNC fabrication. It utilizes CAD software to program precise cutting paths. Once programmed, the tool follows the same route every time, producing consistent results.

Waggoner Manufacturing creates in both metal and plastic materials.

Precision machines such as mills, lathes, multi-axis machines, and Swiss-style machines play essential roles. Each device performs specific functions to reach desired outcomes. With technology evolving daily, there is no limit to the design complexity and performance output we can achieve with metals or plastics. Also, our knowledgeable machinists advise on material selection and preferences for your desired function. Our in-house precision CNC machines provide accuracy and repeatability, so you are certain every part meets the project specifications. Quality control measures ensure that each piece leaving our facility matches schematic specs faultlessly.

Precision Manufacturing Highlights:
  • Intricate design possibilities come in multiple materials

  • Highly accurate computer-aided machines perform perfect repeatability over multiple productions.

  • Technology advancements achieve a minor variance of 2/1000s of an inch

  • Perform multiple functions simultaneously to reduce error and increase production speeds

  • Able to achieve exact form and function for highly precise industry needs and small parts

  • Diverse material options in metal and plastics accommodate various industries

  • Reduce machining crossover that may cause flaws and increase labor costs

  • Computer-aided assistance achieves superior part performance and enhancement

  • Save money by increasing production efficiency and reducing production time

Customers want and deserve quality production.

At Waggoner Manufacturing, we believe that our customers deserve quality craftsmanship. Customers return to us repeatedly because we uphold the integrity and the highest quality production. Our experienced machinists understand the importance of following your design specifications. We’ll also guide you through the process and inform you of potential problems. Our machinists are knowledgeable in their craft and materials. Consider each material and its properties. Our team understands design inconsistencies or incompatibilities they may present. Each material works differently and functions under production congruently with the unique properties of the material selection. With over 40 years of experience, we have seen it all.

Focused On Quality Manufacturing

Quality control measures overwatch every step of the manufacturing process. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with every project we undertake. Waggoner Manufacturing is committed to continually improving our processes and products. Constant quality control monitoring ensures every step of the process runs accordingly for successful completion.

The importance of precision manufacturing in the world today.

Precision machining is the hidden motivation behind every industry in the world. For example, every machine and object constructed needs pieces put together to create the complete whole. A precision machine shop produces both large and small components. We build parts that are integral to our everyday existence. Each piece is specifically shaped and formed for its exact function. Higher technology permits detailed designs and functions.

Ever wonder who makes all the components work together to propel a car or plane? How are those tiny parts inside our computers manufactured? It is because of precision manufacturing that these parts function under severe stress and high-performance demands.

CNC technology forms pieces inside automobiles, surgical devices, common everyday appliances, electronics, and more. Smaller parts may hold together large structures. At the same time, equipment such as our computers or firearms requires precision, accuracy, and perfect repeatability. All these things are made possible with CNC technology changing precision manufacturing and the quality of parts we can make with CNC machining.

Explaining 5-axis machining abilities and functions.

Multi-axis machines provide greater flexibility in design options. The number of axes refers to the number of directions the cutting tool moves along. Our 5-axis machines allow more possibilities based on the turning abilities along each axis point. A 5-axis machine moves along X, Y, and Z linear axes and rotates on the A and B axes. The variety in movement permits us to perform the manufacturing process more effectively and rapidly. Additionally, the component does not need to stop and readjust in a secondary machine. Many steps are performed simultaneously by one machine, increasing the speed to project completion.

5 Axis Machining Benefits

By reducing the steps required for fabrication, multiple-axis machining increases machined parts efficiency, saving time and money. Crossover to other workstations increases possibilities for variance in the precision accuracy. Therefore, using one machine achieves tighter tolerances and less inconsistency. It also allows for more elaborate designs and shapes. Blueprint specifications entered into 5-axis CNC controls allow exact measurements that human hands would not be able to perform without the aid of computers.

Multi-axis machines perform milling, drilling, cutting, treading, and more operations. 5-axis machining tools function from all sides. The part and the tools are constantly in motion with rapid movement and high speeds. 5-axis CNC machining is suitable for various materials, including different types of metal and plastics. Efficient for both small and larger parts with detailed production repeatability needs. Some of the most common materials used in multi-axis machining are aluminum, brass, steel, copper, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), acrylic, and nylon. Waggoner works with many materials, both common and exotic. If you’re looking for another material, we meet most all material needs for our clients.

What is precision manufacturing?

Many machines can cut and shape apart. Precision manufacturing repeats the fabrication process with a tiny variance of + or – 2/1000s of an inch. This process allows us to create highly complex precision components with little variance in the measurements. The ability to accomplish such accuracy comes from an expertly trained staff and the latest CNC technology.

Choosing Waggoner Manufacturing

Waggoner Manufacturing’s precision CNC machining is on par with any of the more prominent manufacturing names in the industry. 40+ years of experience and success prove our name is here to stay. Our fabrication services shape the most detailed designs. Over the years, we’ve honed a combination of advanced equipment, expert knowledge, and quality control. Whether you need prototyping, milling and turning, or precision machining Waggoner Manufacturing makes sure your next parts fabrication project comes out perfectly. Our customers always know what to expect when working with Waggoner Manufacturing.

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